Here lies the future. Too many networks are nice, yet limited. Freenode is wonderful yet on the specific topic of technology, science and FOSS. There is chat and off topic utilization yet the operators are very strict. They take things the wrong way and are mostly pedantic trolls.

Then you have the general networks like efnet where you may see half the network idle for half a year.

Hence liteIRC is an attempt to bring together all of these other private and small networks to have a place where there is active people on the discussion of most anything. liteIRC wants to be -- how should I put it -- carrier neutral? liteIRC is not exactly looking for the largest lines to host with (although it will help you have a place in the DNS round-robin.) If you have a 10/10Mbit line at home or elsewhere then liteIRC would love you to link as long as your line and server is stable and you are a competent networker and administrator.

liteIRC intends to put an end to kicks, bans, and Kline's. there is no family friendly. when you join a channel of a given topic you will expect to see anything. There is no intentions of any operators what so ever.

liteIRC wants to be completely neutral other than when explicit technicalities happen.

If you are interested, then email explaining your technical setup and expertise. If deemed acceptable then you may be granted a link block at the hub. In which case, further information will follow.