Here lies the future of The intention of the liteIRC irc network is to create a free network. Free; as in where there is actually freedom of speech.

Liteirc aims to collaborate large and small networks alike to link in a peer to peer type fashion of ethical administration. Linkers will be linked and delinked based on mass consensus of used and abused authority in respect to the goals of the network and mass consensus. The target of liteirc is of a network that has unmoderated channels. No IRCops and no channel ops. We aim at taking use of ignore scripts and you asking us to make one if there is not one suitable.

Also, you aught to take a look at the spiel

The first server is now up! It is charybdis and has been modified to not provide operator status to channel creators. You can connect at irc:// and the first primary channel is #cafe. We are in the process of spreading the word.

Webchat at =]